Studying Online

19/08/2015 // 6 Comments

I have one year left to go on my arts degree from Macquarie university. This may seem strange to you, as MU is in Sydney, […]

What rejection looks like

16/07/2015 // 9 Comments

So, I didn’t get the spot on Screen Tasmania’s script writing Apprenticeship for next month. A mini series is being created here in Tassie based […]

Possessed – Review

11/07/2015 // 0 Comments

So I was talking to Cassandra Page on Twitter a while ago and she mentioned she had a.. an… ahem… a short adult story, going […]

Why Hobart?

01/07/2015 // 6 Comments

A few people have asked why I chose to set Fractured Fractal here in Hobart. For those of you who know that Fractal started out as […]

40 by 40

17/06/2015 // 3 Comments

This doesn’t need a lot of preamble. I’m getting older, by some measures I’ve accomplished a lot, by others, very very little, but there are […]

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