3 Tips for SEO that doesn’t make you look like an SOB

SEO is important. Everyone will tell you this. It is big, powerful, mighty juju and you’d better be plugging those terms.

... this is word-salad, heavy on the SEO

… this is word-salad, heavy on the SEO

What is sometimes forgotten is that google isn’t the only one reading your text. Sure, if I mention copy writing a million times in a single post, I’m going to google-rank the hell out of it… but prospective clients who read it are going to think I’m a bit of a tool… and they’d be right.

So, if I want to up my page-ranking, but I don’t want to sound like I have some kind of obsessive written Turrets Syndrome that revolves around my key words, what can I do?

1. Sign your stuff

Who wrote all this neat copy? OK I did, but shh, we’ll say it was you. At the bottom or articles, blog posts or other information offerings on your site, leave a signature. ‘Written by Amanda Longford, an architect with 15 years experience in sustainable building practices and environmentally friendly home design.’ See what we did there?

2. Label your images

When you stick an image on your website, you’ll notice a few little boxes for labeling the thing. One of them often has a jumble of numbers and letters assigned by your camera. That helps no one. The image should be names, and the name should include words that people are going to be searching for when they want to find you. Keep in mind that only the image CAPTION is visible readily to visitors – so that shouldn’t make you sound like an SEO mining prat, but google can read ALL those fields, so make sure you name the image something relevant.

3. Talk around the issue

I have a good friend who offers an amazing service. She’s an at home vet. Even better she’s an at home vet whose fee’s are very very close to the fees you’d pay to go to a physical clinic! Madness, we say, why would anyone GO to a clinic if the cost of having a professional come to you is basically the same? I’ll tell you why, because it didn’t occur to them to google ‘at home vet’.

When thinking about your business, and your prospective clients, take some time to think about the clients who need you… but they don’t KNOW that they need you. Maybe they don’t realize you’re an option! So your top SEO terms aren’t going to lead these people to you… they’re looking for something else. For a vet, it might be ‘my dog hates vet trips’, or ‘my cat hates the car’, or ‘pets on public transport’… all things someone might search for if it was difficult for them to get to a vet clinic for some reason. A problem that this particular business can solve!

My advice then, is to include information (and key words) which people might use when they’re looking for you… but they don’t KNOW they’re looking for you.

Good luck!

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  1. Thanks for this! There was a few I hadn’t thought of :)

  2. Great post. I’d like to hear and see more about photo labeling and captioning.

  3. These are great, easy to follow tips. Sometimes the whole SEO thing can get really overwhelming.

  4. Great reminder. I’ll add that SEO is also good on your social media accounts. When you can, watermark your images for Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook with the site address.

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