The untold dangers of sexting;

… or ‘why I’m a wonderful, understanding wife with a great sense of humor’.

Tiny post today, but I really did have to share. ‘Sexting’ has been in the media a lot lately with the possibility of charging kids, naked pics getting on the internet, and the general public outcry. Of course there are far simpler problems…

Yesterday, my husband’s mobile phone went on while we were driving home. He’d received a text. Without batting an eyelid he handed me the phone to see who it was… the message was as follows… ‘suck this babe XX’ and a photograph… a photograph of someones um… well… OK it was a penis. My husband got someone’s misfired ‘sext’ of their happy John Thomas. Obviously intended for the girlfriend. Hubby replied ‘um, my wife says no’. He’s like that. Poor sender was properly confused.

So, note to the masses; if you’re going to send photo’s of your privates by mobile phone, check the number, yeah?

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  1. Rahahahaha! Was it somebody you know? Because that could be really interesting if you have to see this person again and not know where to look lol.

    Plus this dude must be really sweeping whoever it was intended for off their feet with such romance. I mean, whatever happened to sending flowers?

    • We’re not sure, it wasn’t a number that we recognise, and the image was… well lets say there’s no way to tell who is was from the photo unless we catch them pants down. He messaged my husband again this morning wit a ‘good morning, how’re you doing?’ sortof a message, so I think he’s got the number mixed up whoever it is.

      My SIL and I were having a big giggle in the kitchen this morning. Who OPENS with a penis? That’s a bit of a gamble isn’t it? Surely a ‘hey how’re you doing?’ would be a better opening than just jumping straight in with the dick? Talk about a high risk play. Not to mention if she gets annoyed with you later, she’s got a picture of your Johnson, and you better believe all her friends are gonna be laughing at it.

  2. I can’t say that would win me over! I guess its less awkward not knowing the sender!

    • It was certainly a ‘high-risk’ play… surely most normal girls aren’t going to be particularly impressed?

      I will admit, when I was on the mainland and my husband still in Tassie, I sent him a cheeky little photo of my leg. Of course he was out in the park with our daughter, couldn’t see a darn thing and the response I got was “what’s that?”… suffice to say I didn’t want to play anymore. I’m not sure there is enough liquid courage in the world however, to get me to take a shot of anything naughtier than that.

  3. I honestly don’t get why you would want to….am I a prude???
    Becc via #FYBF

  4. Awww no! Did you hubby know who it was! How embarrassing!

    • No idea, it wasn’t a number that was in his phone hehehe might still turn out to be someone we know I guess, but I think it was just a classic wrong number.

  5. ZOMG! How embarrassment! Obviously it was someone this guy didn’t have on speed dial which tells me…it was a random sext…eeeeewwwww!

  6. And you didn’t share the photo?! Thank you for that lol

    • I thought it might be best to leave photo’s of penis’ (how do you write the plural of penis?) off the blog. Not the vision or direction I had in mind.

  7. I’m glad it wasn’t for you husband. Sadly, my husband feels nothing wrong with flirting and sending pics to girls and sexting with them back and forth. It’s been ruining our marriage and I can’t stand seeing the conversations. I wish it were a happy mistake like your husband got. In our lives, the texts are meant for him and he means them to the ones he sends them too. Breaks my heart so much

    • Oh Becca, that’s terrible.

      I know some people are just naturally flirty (my brother is pathalogical, seriously, he can’t stop. Breaks a new heart every week and doesn’t even notice until it’s too late) and that’s fine. You can love someone like that, but if there is a behaviour that hurts you… he should be able to stop. It’s not like texting is a natural reaction, you can’t send a flirty text by accident or not notice that you texted someone…

      I guess what I’m saying, as a random voice on the internet, someone you don’t know and who in fairness doesn’t know you, is that you don’t deserve to feel that way. No one has the right to make you feel that way, and in whatever way seems best to you… I hope you’ll do something about it.

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