Half Completed Worlds

I’ve been a compulsive scribbler for as long as I can remember. Idea’s, stories, lists, oh my yes, a lot of lists! I can remember when I was a kid telling my dad I wanted to write… he said ‘write what?’ This struck me as a strange question, I want to write everything! Sci Fi and romance, news and documentaries, memoirs, ads, lines and lines of descriptive verse! Everything. If you’ve seen it written, I want to have a go.


This is where my pen lives most of the time... naughty pen. Think I pay you to just sit around?

This is where my pen lives most of the time… naughty pen. Think I pay you to just sit around?

At this moment, in various hodge podge filed on my computer, I have 3 incomplete novels, research for books about Jack the Ripper, Queen Elizabeth the 1st and real estate investment. Not to mention two or three business plans and files and files of ideas for stories, T.V shows, movies, and comics. None of them are finished. I’m also a chronic abandoner of projects.

The literature says it could be fear of failure. The little critic. Maybe even some kind of motivational disorder. Well I’m certainly suffering from a lack of order, but I don’t think that’s what that phrase really means.

I have great spurts of productivity sometimes, where I’ll sit down and produce page after page (and even like about half of it), but they’re unpredictable. Sometimes they last for days, other times only hours. Sometimes I’ll have two or three in a week, other times they’ll be months apart. It’d be kind of nice to be diagnosed with something that would explain it, but I doubt there is any such diagnosis to be had. Like everyone else, I just have to slog through it and stop allowing myself to slack off.

10% inspiration, 90% perspiration, that’s what they say, right? The 10% is easy, that I’ve got, it’s the sweating part I’m falling down on. That has to stop. AS the wise writer once said ‘don’t get it right, get it written’. Getting it right is what editing is for.

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  1. I am so with you on this one :) I could have written that post myself and it is a relief to know that I am not alone.
    Stopping by from TUST

    • Thanks! My main goal for this year writing wise is to actually start finishing things! What would you rather read; sci fi, chick lit, epic fantasy, urban fantasy, or a post apocalyptic drama/action thingie?

  2. found you over at Blogs & PR!!
    Goodluck with doing something with all that writing!

  3. Right there with you. I am determined this year to actually getting a piece of writing finished to a level that it could actually be published! Good luck with your projects.

    • Thank you so much! Maybe if we each promise to read the other’s work we’ll get there? I’ve got a pledge from my good friend, the editor of the Think_Tasmania website that she’ll read anything I finish, and I have to say it’s already made me feel a bit better about trying to get there. There’s nothing more disheartening to a project than feeling like no one will even notice if you DO finish.

  4. I think discipline and creativity are not always compatible! I also find that a lot of my writing doesn’t really need to be finished, or read by anyone else. Sometimes it’s just a jumble of words that spill out when I need to purge them from me – they may or may not ever become part of a publishable whole. This is a great post. Best of luck turning your words into something ‘complete’ :)

  5. “Don’t get it right, get it written…” – I completely agree with that.
    Which is why I also have a journal on the side now. Well, I have a couple. There’s one where I just jot down ideas and another where I really get heavy and secretive.
    I’m sure one of your projects will be successfully executed this year. Stay determined :) x

    • Darn tootin’ I do! MIL is taking my oldest for two nights starting tomorrow, and hubby is working so it’ll be just me and the midget during the day! May the planning commence!

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