Round 1 – not exactly a knock out…

Well, this is my first Sunday round-up for the year and… to be honest there isn’t a huge amount to report. I’ve managed to get to the pool once, and that was yesterday. I sat in the water for about an hour and a half with baby Ari (who was so relaxed she fell asleep) and then when hubby took the kids to clean off I got in 4, count ‘em, 4 laps. Pathetic. I need to do some weights for my shoulders, the breast stroke was actually making them ache. So, if you want to look on the positive side, I have pin pointed a muscle group that needs some work. Work I couldn’t start until I knew it was necessary… I’m reaching aren’t I?

We got Ari‘s first giggle this week, she seemed to think mummy leaning over her going ‘mumumumumum’ and ‘dadadadadadad’ was pretty funny.

I feel like this is my diet now... It's not, but it's what it feels like.

I feel like this is my diet now… It’s not, but it’s what it feels like.


Diet wise… eh, a bit better. I’m trying to make water my main liquid, which works out better some days than others… like days when my MIL takes my eldest, she drives me to tea and soda! On the whole I’m relatively happy, still not in a place where I’m prepared to weigh myself mind you! I’ll buy some scales when I’m sure my weight is a number they’ll have on them.





House wise, it’s best not to ask.

Living room then

That was then

This is now...

This is now…

This is a photo of my new house, when IT was new! 1945 - now of course I want to write a period piece, but I wont. No. I will finish the stuff I have... I'll take NOTES for a period piece though... God help me

This is a photo of my new house, when IT was new! 1945 – now of course I want to write a period piece, but I wont. No. I will finish the stuff I have… I’ll take NOTES for a period piece though… God help me

I’ve had so many wonderful supportive comments both on the blog and in my e-mail about the writing and career stuff, which is amazing and inspiring on the one hand, and on the other hand leaves me with a paralysing fear of failure! This is not to say I want you to stop saying nice things to and about me, not at all, I’m just sharing with you all my special brand of crazy. In any event, I can’t get into the full swing of a routine until Feb when my eldest starts school 3 days a week. For this month then, my task as far as the writing goes is to  wade through the plots, half drafts, rough drafts, semi drafts and cold drafts, and put everything into some kind of order. Decide what needs doing, what I’m going to commit to doing first, and how I’m going to go about it, so that when those three days become mine on a weekly basis, I’ll be able to dive in with a plan.

Right now my plan is to have a plan by then. Gotta start somewhere.

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