Have you ever noticed that a task you struggled to do for ages suddenly gets done when the right motivation pops up? For example, we moved into our new home a month ago (nearly) and it looks like we got here yesterday. Untouched boxes of stuff, bags of clothes, the bedrooms are a mess and nothing really has a permanent home yet. There are plenty of excuses for this; Christmas, new baby, 4-year-old, and hubby’s work being a bit all over the show. That kind of thing…

My dear friend from NSW facebooked me this morning, she’ll be here next week to stay for a few days! Well the fire is lit ladies and gentlemen! While it may be true that everyone already knows I’m the worst housewife in the world, I don’t want my friend to actually SEE that!

these are the kinds of things you do for some peace when you have a 4-year-old

these are the kinds of things you do for some peace when you have a 4-year-old


  • Sun room need to be cleaned out.
  • Clothes need to go in the actual closet.
  • Baby stuff needs a home, not just boxes in the living room
  • I need to lose 10kgs at least before she gets here next Thursday (hey, if you’re gonna dream, dream big right?)

I’m interested in trying out this style of motivation (I’m calling it the ‘holy *&^% someone’s going to actually SEE it soon’ theory) on my writing as well. The plan is still to get into gear towards the end of Feb when progeny the eldest goes to school three

days a week, trying for enough head space to write before then is probably kinda silly and a set-up for disappointment. Once I’ve got the plan in place though, I’ll be asking for some feedback on the projects people like the sound of, and I’ll work on those.

On the same note, I’m interested in having someone who might be interested in beta-reading for me. It’s part editor part feedback/reviewer, to let me know if anything doesn’t flow right or if a pair of characters have swapped names as some point (don’t laugh, I have done that). Anyone who’d like to can leave a comment here with their e-mail, or if you’d rather you can drop me an e-mail at 10percentinspired (at) gmail (dot) com.

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