How are those resolutions going?

So… that whole ‘resolution‘ thing… exactly how resolved are we talkin’ here? The answer seems to be ‘not very’. In fairness it’s been a bit mad this week, but still, isn’t that why we have blogging schedules? To bring some kind of order to the chaos… maybe I was kidding myself? This should have been my third Sunday post, in it I should be joyfully pointing out all the things I’ve accomplished in my new resolute plan, only um… this week I got nothin’.

Bad Blogger

What have we got here on the list, lesee… writing? Yeah, I haven’t done any. I managed about 45 minutes sometime earlier this week, not even sure what day and it was less actual writing than getting my notes in order so writing can commence. I know, I know, I said that I probably couldn’t get too much of that done until school goes back, but by ‘not too much’ I didn’t actually mean ‘nothing’. Diet? Best not to ask. A girlfriend came down to visit from the mainland, there was pizza and chocolate and a good three days of just not very healthy. We’re clambering the wobbly bottom back onto the wagon again. Yikes. House… OK I did manage to do a bit of cleaning, mostly because said friend was coming, but she left yesterday and it’s pretty much all back the way it was now, by 8am Sunday morning. I love my family. I love my family. I love my family.

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  1. Maybe find a different way to write. Note pad next to the bed or outside on a table. Good luck with finding your writing mojo again.

    Thanks for linking up with #TUST

    Annaleis – Blogs and PR Team Member

  2. I’d love to read about your day days of not very healthy – that would be fun for sure! Hang in there it’ll come back to you!
    Emily – visiting via # TUST – Blogs and Pr

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