Oh, how the resolute have fallen

It’s Sunday again, my day to reflect, to tally up, to make sure I’m on track.

This is probably going to be my most used image this year...

This is probably going to be my most used image this year…

Wait, what track? There’s a track here somewhere? It’s supposed to have signposts on it labeled health, writing, and Lifestyle… unfortunately this week I’ve detoured into slack with a stop over in failure where I had a cramp so bad the wagon I fell off ran me over…

The metaphor’s getting away from you? Yeah, me too. So accomplishments for this week, meager though they may be;

  1. Organised my tickets and transport for the Digital Parents Conference in March. This is a pretty big deal for me, my first big blogging event and I’m really looking forward to it (remember I’m still open for sponsorship. Looking to expand to the mainland? Have some copy writing you want done? Product placement suitable for a mum with a 5 month old? My rates are reasonable, and I talk REALLY loud). It does however lend itself to spectacular mummy guilt as I’ll be away for 13 days! Of course my tiniest madam will be coming with me since I’m her source of sustenance, but the other one will be staying home with daddy… Oh dear.
  2. I went to the pool and managed 8 laps. My aim now is to get there three times a week and build up my numbers in an attempt to fix my hips, which have decided their marriage is on the rocks and they want to trial a separation… As an aside to the swimming, I’ve also got this properly frightening pair of ‘underthings’ that go from under my bust down to my thigh. They’re designed to hold in the wobble (which they do admirably) but more importantly a friend recommended them to help with the pain – so far so good, they seem to be helping quite a bit.
  3. I always feel like these lists need at least three things… but my only other feat so far is not killing anyone or breaking anything this week. Gotta take wins where you can find them right???



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