Hot yoga – check it and see

At the behest of my Sister-In-Law (who would probably like to remain nameless), I went to the Bikram yoga studio in New Town and signed up for 10 days for $20. In the world of fitness classes, that’s pretty freakin’ sweet I freely admit. So, for 10 days, I’ll be aiming to go to one session (90 minutes) per day in the desperate hope that it’ll give me some relief from this nerve pain. It feels like being poked in the arse by a cattle prod.

Day one: So, weak at the knee’s and still smarting from my physio the day before, I front up to a white building in a back street to torture myself for an hour and a half. I am not the type of person who would go to something like this usually… pain makes you a bit loopy though. My SIL came to cheer me on and in we went… yikes! I put my mat right near the door… unfortunately it turned out it was right under a light so laying on my back was a bum. Lesson learned, don’t put your mat under a light.

Long story short, the heat wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I started drinking water at 10am and just steadily put about 2ltrs through my body before the class and that seems to have been enough. I wasn’t really prepared for the pain in my pelvis, I thought all that night hot stretching would be relatively gentle, but that nerve just kept grabbing on and being a bugger. SO I couldn’t do all the postures, I managed a go at most of them and SIL seemed to think I did OK. I came out with a bit of a head ache (which I’m told is perfectly normal) but a chug of water with some electrolyte tablet thingies and I was feeling much better. Still hobbling around, but I don’t think I was any worse that I had been before the class (sometimes that’s the best you can ask for).

Day TwoMorning Sit-rep – when my husband woke me this morning and I rolled over to kiss him, my pelvis let out an almighty crack! Over the course of the morning my shoulders have gone, as have my knees and ankles. No pain, and they all only went once… I’m going to ask about it when I go to class this evening but overall I think the pelvis might be at least marginally better. It’s not worse at least, and even if that’s all I get, at least I’m able to do some exercise without exacerbating it. So, not so put off that I wont go back, put it that way.

The class today felt much harder than yesterday’s. My hamstrings and upper back were quite tight and the heat hit me like a bag of wet cement. Spent a bit more time just sitting and breathing. I like the yoga and all, but I’m really not sure about the heat. I wonder if maybe I was spoiled by ZUMBA, I looked forward to going, it was fun and social and kindof girly… I don’t know if I can maintain a practice like this that I’m not enjoying.

Day Three: Again the hips and pelvis felt OK this morning, even if I am still getting a lot of snap crackle and pop from my joints. Checked my weight on the scales… I am almost EXACTLY back where I started two weeks ago! I’m hoping this represents an increase in muscle mass rather than the addition of more blubber. My muscles are all ‘work out sore’ now, which I have to admit is a nice feeling after 12 months of not being able to do anything, but at the same time, I’m finding it a struggle to want to go. Still, I made a commitment to myself to try to see out 10 days worth. If I need to take a day off I will, but it seems stupid not to give it everything since It’s only for 10 days.

Being in a bit of pain and with a SIL who was too sick to go, today was a day off.

Day Four: It’s now the morning of day four and the motivation is really dropping off. In fairness the baby hasn’t been sleeping well and I’m a bit wiped out. The plan is a 5:45pm class tonight… I really don’t know how this is going, I think you’ll have to check back  next week.

As an aside I’ve also been trying to keep up with the IsoWhey diet. The more physically active I am, the harder I find it, and Bikram is pretty damn demanding. All being equal I am exactly the weight I was when I freakin’ started *sighs* Still, as they say, the scales aren’t everything so we’ll give it a bit more time.

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  1. Good for you. I have to admit – the heat is something that would stop me. I am not exactly an exerciser (well, I am now – but it’s only been a month, and I have a LOT of nerve damage and bursitis in 3 joints, so it’s slow) but heat is a deal breaker for me. My treadmill is literally positioned directly in front of our air conditioner. We actually rearranged our bedroom to make it that way. :)

    I’ve heard friends say they loved Bikram Yoga though. I’m interested to see how you’re feeling at the end of the 10 days. (That does sound like an amazing price!).

    • I don’t think in the long run it’s going to be for me, but I can’t deny that it HAS helped.

  2. Nerve pain is the WORST. Hope you’re on the mend soon. :(

  3. Just you taking about a cracking makes me want to do some yoga. Thanks for the inspiration & good luck with the pain relief.

    • I’m not really a contemplative person, and I can’t seem to get behind the idea of trying to get focus by doing it in a hot room. I’m a ZUMBA person – I want to laugh and swear and bounce for my exercise. The number one thing the instructor keeps saying to me is to keep my face soft… yeah that’s not really me. I’m hoping to get the hips under control and go back to my uncoordinated overly exhuberant dancing ASAP

  4. Love your commitment – go you! The best I can commit to at the moment is to eat healthy (ish) Keep it up and hang in there xx

    • My SIL stood me up again today so I’ve missed it again. MUST go tomorrow. I want a decent run up to Monday when I see my physio again because I want him to be able to tell me if it’s really helping or not.

  5. 4 days straight, amazing! I don’t think I could do half an hour of Bikram. Something about closed, confined, hot spaces. But I hear it’s amazing and does wonders for your fitness.

  6. It’s a journey isn’t it. Never heard of it before. Might have to give it a go one day.

    • To be honest, I feel like Bikram isn’t for me. Something that I have to force myself to go to, that I don’t really enjoy even once I’m there, I just can’t see myself maintaining it over the long haul and that’s what I really need. Something I’ll look forward too, and on the days when I DO have to force myself to go, something I’ll enjoy once I’m there.

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