The wagon is unstable, and I’m a bad rider

I would have to say that the one area where I’m consistently falling down when it comes to following through on my inspiration, is in my health and weight. IsoWhey was kind enough to send me a great array of products, and I used them for a couple of weeks but fell spectacularly off the wagon. I can make any number of excuses for this, from kids to the pain of my pinched nerve, but excuses is all they are, and the truth is that I need to do better.

My physio tells me that my pelvis is now nice and symmetrical again, which is good, and the muscles and working much better. The joint has tightened up and isn’t popping out and jiggling loose as a goose anymore – all together it means I am in the mend even if I can’t FEEL the improvement yet.

Next week I’m heading off to the Digital Parents Convention in Sydney – my first expedition away from the house since the baby was born. It’s more than just a blog trip though – my girlfriends are in NSW and I’ve been feeling their lack a lot lately. Between baby and pain, I’ve missed them quite badly so this is my time to take the baby and pass her around, to hang out in all the old familiar places and with all the old familiar people who mean ‘home’ to me.

I recognise that I’m not going to be able to make radical changes to my life in the week I have left before I leave, and while I’m there, the emphasis is on reconnection and relaxation rather than striving and achieving… still, like the writing plan I put in place (yeah we’re having mixed success with that BTW) this week I want to start putting together the outline of how I want to go about making some changes in my life. For my health, for my weight and for the way I feel about myself. I’ve found myself feeling jealous of my family members who get to leave the house regularly for work and school while I remain here… a prisoner of my pinched nerve and the new baby. It’s not healthy and I need to do something about it…

If anyone knows any local Hobart things that are either baby friendly, or happen exclusively on sat/sun/mon/tue, I’d love for you to let me know in the comments!


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  1. I can relate to your plight greatly at the moment – not so much the weight problem (I’ve just written a post on that) but the rest for different reasons, but same outcome.
    I will also be attending DPCON13, maybe we’ll meet each other there :)
    Becc @ Take Charge Now

    • God the food thing must be a nightmare. I’m allergic to pepper. Yeah, pepper. The thing that’s in everything. Capsicum, chilli, any kind of curry, ALL that, make’s CJ get weird and fall down. I’ve only ever met one other person with the same allergy as me, he lives around the corner (two different houses now we always end up around the corner from each other) and we’re always sending each other warning about places that don’t take it seriously. If there are BBQ’s or gatherings we’re always off in a corner with the ‘safe’ food we brought to share.

      At my wedding, we did up a massive table of food that was safe for us, and then a tiny table over in the corner for people who wanted spicy stuff. It was fun! The absolute worst is being assured that a food is safe (at a cafe or friends dinner) and then realizing that it wasn’t… we carried each other home a lot – course now I have a husband for that, but there’s still this strong bond between two people with a stupid eating restriction that casual aquaintances don’t understand.

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