Laundry and geopolitics

There has been a huge amount of hype lately over blogging, ‘mummy blogging’, women writers, and what their role is, how they are perceived and whether or not their contribution is taken seriously (or should be?)

Mandy Lee, writing for the Women’s Weekly, hates the term ‘Mummy blogger’.

“Just as women’s unpaid work in the home is dismissed as less important than paid work, so has women’s writing been swept under the title of ‘mummy bloggers’.

This careful labelling implies that women writers have nothing to contribute beyond their reproductive status.”

I get that, one of the things I hate most in the world is having someone condescending to me. It drives me crazy. Still, from a somewhat more detached point of view, I think I personally am more in line with Eden’s way of looking at things

Underestimate “mummybloggers” at your peril, for the collective online power they can wield is immense, and only just being recognised in Australia.

You want to think of me as a ‘soft’ vote? An ‘easy’ mark or God forbid a ‘simple mum’… go for it, and watch it bite you right in your sanctimonious backside. The fact that being a mother has changed and coloured my perceptions of everything from laundry to geopolitics is inescapable… but my greater experience with the former doesn’t push all knowledge of and interest in the latter from my brain. Oh you had better believe I’ve got opinions! I’ve got idea’s, theories and a powerful urge towards self-expression. I’ve got a community which is articulate, intelligent and learning. We’re taking on projects, we’re acquiring new skills and we’re slowly but surely fighting back the isolation and fear that has kept many of us indoors and quiet for a long time.


Obligatory pic of my girls

Obligatory pic of my girls

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  1. And what happens to the bloggers who might be mummies, but their kids are grown – as in my case?

    • I think in the end it’s a lack of understanding, and a lack of WANTING to understand… but it’s going to come back and bite them in the butt. I honestly believe that.

  2. Great Post. I agree with everything you said – I find the term condescending and insulting. Much like yourself, I am a writer and a blog is a channel for my creativity and provides a mean for self-expression. I believe much like yourself that these thoughts are valid, interesting and hopefully inspiring and encouraging….if I didn’t think my words had any worth..I wouldn’t share them!

  3. You tell ’em! I have to be honest that the term mummy blogger doesn’t really bother me, simply because I’ve been called a lot worse in my time. I’m working hard at building a business via my blog and like you, if anyone dared to underestimate me due to this label, they’ll soon find out it.

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