My precious little man

A special little man has come back into my life after a little time away, and  what’s happened to him has rocked my faith in humanity…

Meet Jonathan

Meet Jonathan

You might not be able to see it clearly in the photo… but my darling boy is woefully under weight. One year ago (a little over really) it seemed that with my growing family, I needed to find a loving home for my babies Jonathan and Nefarious. Nefer, my sweet sweet girl, passed away under circumstances I don’t entirely trust anymore, and when it came to my attention that Jonny’s new owner was seeking to rehome him, I talked my husband into letting me take him back, just for a while, and rehoming him myself.

Jonny was a huge, lardy ferret with thick fur and a cheeky sense of fun. He was robust and active and my daughter loved him to bits. When the new owner presented me with this small, sickly thin creature, I couldn’t believe it was the same animal! In fact, if it wasn’t for his birth defect (he has a missing foot) I’d have sworn she was trying to con me… but no, he knew me when I took him and curled up in my arms just like he used too…

I’ve been beside myself since. I betrayed him… I let him and his girlfriend leave my home and go to live with someone who, it turns out, was not in any way worthy of them… My darling little man, who I reflexively keep calling ‘fat man’ only to nearly cry at what he’s become, is on a strict diet of meat, eggs, kitten milk and love. He’s not leaving my sight until I’m convinced he’s fit and healthy again. Until he’s big and fluffy and happy, and I swear I want fucking references from your past pets before you get your hands on my baby this time!!!!

My daughter with her old friend. He still loves her to bits, and puts up with all her exuberance. She knows something isn't right with him, and babies him so carefully...

My daughter with her old friend. He still loves her to bits, and puts up with all her exuberance. She knows something isn’t right with him, and babies him so carefully…

I’m so sorry little man… I promise I’ll make it right.

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  1. you know i’m not a ferret person….. but that’s cruel what they have done!!!

    • I would guess he weight half what he did before. I will never understand how she could hand that animal back to me with a straight face, and not even bother to try to explain how he got that way… I cried the whole way home. All I can think about now is how many other animals who were MY responsibility ended up somewhere like that? I bred for two seasons and I thought I spoke to everyone and felt them out but if I missed this…

  2. People are strange with animals, I don’t think I’ll ever understand how people can be cruel or neglectful. Your little man must be so happy to back!

  3. As much as I don’t do Ferrets (or really too many pets at all) if you take on an animal you care for it and they become part of the family. So glad he is back with you where you will know exactly how he is looked after.

    Visiting from Blogs and PR

  4. I don’t think we’re allowed ferrets in Qld but I think they’re cute! Does anybody else remember the Frock a Ferret competition on the Mike Walsh Show?! I’d never heard of ferrets before that (it must have been early 80’s …)

  5. Oh CJ that is such great news, nothing worse than losing a family member! Our cat went off for about 6 months when he was a baby and we feared the worse, we grew up on massive farm and so he could have gone anywhere or been eaten by anything. But to this day I remember seeing him, Rascal, a gorgeous classic tabby, at the gate by the sheds standing there, all grown up, meowing and wanting us to go and greet him. One of my best childhood memories EVER! Em – visiting via TUST for Blogs and PR

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