Think outside the box, or redefine what the box is

‘Think outside the box.’ Advice so overused as to be almost meaningless in the modern world. We’re all busy thinking outside the box, which actually kinda means that no one is… Juxtaposing two completely unrelated things be they products, services, events or abstracts, or any combination of the above, isn’t really thinking outside the box, it’s just throwing random stuff together until something works. Not that that isn’t a valid way to go about things!

This last week I had a meeting with another local mum who runs a music school. It’s kickass just by the by and if you’re in Hobart with a hankering for some tutelage in vocals, guitar, piano or violin, CMW Music is where you want to go!

That meeting made me so happy, in ways I can’t even fully explain. Michelle, apart from being an amazing musician married to another amazing musician, is a first rate geek, married to another first rate geek. In their spare time, they produce The Game Maestro, a web series you’re going to want to check out if you’re into D&D. I love meeting my own kind, we’re a little thin on the ground sometimes, but once we recognize each other everything usually proceeds pretty swimmingly.

I’m helping them out with some marketing, about which I am both excited and elated, and in return I get the use of an office, which is almost more exciting than the work! More importantly though, we’re spit balling some truly ‘out of the box’ concepts.

unconventional conventionalists

My unconventional conventionalists!

See, we’re nerding it up, we’re looking at community building and ways to expand into different areas while remaining true to our passions and our joys. Sounds cool huh? Really, I suppose, we’re not going ‘outside’ the box at all, we’re just changing it’s shape.

Lots of people get quite hot under the collar and turned around, trying to come up with the newest concept. The most unusual or out there idea… get out of the box, everyone says. Relax a little… don’t worry so much about what the box is, or isn’t, and think more about reshaping your parameters. Reassessing your boundaries, and including as many of the things that get you excited as possible!

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