If I won $90mil – ‘work’ for me

At the top of most peoples lists of ‘life stuff’ to get sorted is the job. That which you’ll do all day, most days. Call me crazy but I’m a firm believer that is money was no object, if education was free and food and shelter sorted, very few people would actually do nothing. The people sometimes called lazy, the ones with no motivation to do anything, the ones with no drive or interest, the ones who sit around on social welfare and stare at the walls… those people have been broken. I honestly believe that. If they’d had access to completely free education, to a motivating environment, to hope, they’d have a love. They’d have something they want to do.

I have a few irons in the fire, because I’ve got a mad child’s attention span, and an avid interest in a load of things. There is a common thread though, through all my various ventures and ideas… I want to be with people. I want to have fun, I want them to have fun, to feel and be vibrant!

  • Start a Magazine (in the works with a very good friend of mine who is as insane as I am.) We would talk about things like travel, technology, gardening, and living but not for the rich. Not for the famous or the thin. It would involve as many ordinary people as possible, the models, the clothes, the businesses! A true and vibrant representation of the life you could actually have, without having to juice cleanse constantly, lose 50kgs, earn a million bucks, or get perfect scores on your HSC.


  • Build a Real estate empire (two houses in, not covering itself yet and some days our heads want to explode.) Owning rental properties has taught me a lot of things, but these are the biggies; a) people need to feel comfortable in their own homes, even if I happen to own them. As a long-term renter myself, nothing was more stressful than having someone breathing down my neck 24/7, or the fear that the tiniest infraction could cost me my lease. b) being young, unmarried and pregnant doesn’t automatically make you a bad tenant. I took a gamble on a young woman I knew wouldn’t get a place anywhere else and she was the best tenant I ever had! Sure, she lost her house keys one time, but she then replaced all the locks. She locked herself out once and we had to drive up and let her in with out spare, but she bought us a gift to say thank you. She paid on time, she kept the place perfectly fine and almost more than that, I was so happy to have helped her at a time in her life when she needed it. c) lastly, sometimes, tenants just aren’t very good. That’s life. When you walk into your newly carpeted flat and the whole place smells like cat pee… you just have to have a little cry and move on.
  • Start my own production company. OK this one is my massive, pie in the sky, super duper dream! I love to write and to tell stories and being a published author is one of my huge dreams, but this is the be all and end all. To create stories, work with actors and musicians, to see people laugh and cry and respond  to the things I’ve created. OK, OK, I want to be Joss Whedon, everyone knows that.

I think between these three, I’d be kept pretty busy most of the time. I also love to face paint with my kids and sing, but I don’t know how happy that makes other people. Those are really just for me.

If you could do absolutely anything, what would it be? Forget the education it requires, the time and the money to set up. Just for a moment, allow yourself to imagine that all is possible…

Check out my ideal living situation, if I won $90mil! As well as the services I’d use.

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  1. This post is so hopeful. I love the ‘feeling’ of it. If I could do anything, I would mother better. Now here me out, I would hire a cook, a cleaner, therapist, teacher, financial personal, PA, and all the other roles I do. This would free me out to enjoy my children and my mothering. To be able to have more of them and enjoy them, rather than being stressed by money, space or time. Strange, but true.

    • Thanks Sarah! Stay with me, I’m doing a whole series on my ‘ideal’ life were money not an issue!

  2. Oh dear….where to start, the list is sooooo long. Magazine sounds good, I love glossy publications, real estate mougle is just up my alley, will pass on the production company. Hiring home help by the bucket load so that I just had all the time in the world to create beautiful things, that’s for me!

  3. Seems like hiring help is a common wish :) For work … hmmm … I don’t have a million, or even 90 but I am happy being mum at the moment and working on my blog and store. I think it’s important to follow your heart and strive to do want you want to, what makes you happy.

  4. Many things…but I’d love to be able to fund scholarships (academic or residential costs, whatever it is that people need).

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